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SS PROCESS is dealing with wide range of process machines and offering solutions to global industries. Solutions for hundreds of applications covering dairy, juice, food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and many industries.Providing also supervisor engineering and consultancy.

Offering :

- Used dairy machines and equipments; separators, decanters, centrifuges, homogenizers, pasteurizers, evaporators and dryers. 

- New machinery; membrane filtration plants as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis plants. 

- Complete plants & Turnkey projects 

- Automation systems and modifications for updating old machines

- Relocation of industrial plants and worldwide shipping solutions


-  Separation, Homogenization, Mixing, Pasteurization, Sterilization, Fermentation 

-  Filtration, Concentration, Evaporation, Drying

We are working hard in order to provide reliable solutions;

Our  specialized engineers offer you the most suitable design in order to meet your needs and make it reasonable for you. 

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